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THE WILD GOOSE ministers to the ONE church dropout that say they love God, pray and often times do talk about going to Church as a child, but quit because church was  irrelevant to “where they have been and as they are” as human beings. 
The ONE who has heard over and over again the “what not to do’s” and the other list of the “what to do’s”, but few have been taught what to do when restoration is REALLY what they want for their lives.
Another serious issue among us is the use and at times addiction to  illegal or legally prescribed drugs by the ONE.  The sad truth is that most every ONE reviewing this website has been affected by addiction in some manner through personal challenges or by a friend, family member or some ONE you know.
THE WILD GOOSE OUTREACH MINISTRIES with love and grace, actively pursues the ONE who does not "feel" that they fit-in or they have a laundry list of things they did or have not done and are currently living a reckless lives apart from the grace of God.  

WGOM teaches and exemplifies the relevancy of the Good News and give practical steps to life  RESTORATION.  WGOM is recognized by court systems as a valid avenue of treatment for the bondage of addiction!!
IF YOU WANT MAKE A DIFFERENCE in ONE's LIFE  then give per month OR a one time gift for the year.  Recruit other ONE's to do the same,REMEMBER THIS IS YOUR AREA AND IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN THIS WILL BE THEIR AREA, so make a difference and GIVE!!


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"Reaching People Where They Are and As They Are"

The Wild Goose Outreach Ministries, INC
PO Box 683
Springhill, Louisiana 71075
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"Reaching People Where They Are and As They Are"

For Additional Information:
Call or TEXT:  318-578-1534

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